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After the encounter with Jeff that seemed like a lifetime ago, Madison had begun to change in a drastic way. She quickly destroyed the pig mask that Patrick had made for her, replacing it with a latex wolf mask, identical to her predatory position. After she had slaughtered Jeff with her bare hands, Madison realized that she had nothing left to fear, not even Pigskin; she had become the hellion she used to have nightmares about. Her weapon of choice had also took a change, swapping her knife for a machete she had found on a recent kill. The victim was a hunter named Frank Welson. He was accused of hanging women in the woods when he was on his so-called "hunting trips". If there was one thing that aided Madison in choosing her prey, it was weather or not the chosen was more evil than her. She loved the feeling of the machete as it quickly found its way through Frank's neck, letting it fall to her feet. Madison Grace had suddenly faded from existence, and in the shell of her body lived Salem, the masked demon.
Her newest mark was a man who owned a construction business, Christopher King. At first, he had looked innocent, as if there was no guilty pleasure of his Madison could work with, but he slipped; Madison knew if she had watched King long enough, something would show. It seemed as though Christopher King was part of a local drug ring. From what Madison could tell, he was high up on the chain of command, calling the shots to all of the thugs who sold the drugs. He seemed to traffic any drug he could, varying between cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, and other assorted paraphernalia. He was a late worker, tending to be the last person to leave the work sight every day. This pleased Madison, because she could choose whichever night she pleased to attack. From the feeling she had tonight, the attack would come shortly within the next few hours.
Madison stood outside of the construction sight, a soon-to-be apartment complex, surveying the scene. It was nearly completed; the outer walls were up now, most of the tractors and trucks had now left. There was a light coming from the top floor. This, Madison figured, was where Christopher was located. He was probably working on finances and other paperwork that needed to be completed before the finishing of the home. Slowly, she began to enter the building. The inside was an assortment of hallways and lobbies, all similar to each other. Soft, wine colored carpet covered the floor. The whole place smelled like a woman's perfume store, which turned Madison's stomach. There was no sound at all, besides the slight creaking beneath her feet. It took a few moments for Madison to find the stairs, but when she did, she stopped at the feet. Grasping the machete in her hand tightly, Madison quickly left the apartment, allowing Salem to enter. When she did, she started to walk up the stairs towards Christopher King. The light began to shine brighter and brighter with each step she rose to him. Finally, after moments of walking the set of stairs, Salem stood at the top. Down the hallway, she could see the light. There was about six doors on each side of the hallway before the opening into the lobby which Christopher now sat, his back towards Salem. Slowly pacing her way towards her prey, the latex mask on Salem's face began to feel like it was her skin. The wolf on the inside slowly morphed into the predator on the outside. Before she could clue in to what was happening, she was behind him.
"Hey." she whispered. Quickly, without hesitation, she swung the machete through Christopher King's neck. As his head hit the ground, Madison noticed something odd. There was no blood. The next instant she knew why. The head that her machete just cut through was a mannequins. Confused, Madison turned. Standing behind her, however, was Christopher King. "So you're Salem." was the last thing she heard before the bottom of the axe in King's hand hit her, before everything went black.
Madison began waking up in a familiar position. She felt like deja vu had taken over her. It took moments for her to realize that her mask was now off, along with her machete wasn't holstered to her. Her hands were tied behind her, which were also tied to her feet. Slowly, everything came into focus. She was laying tied to a bed in one of the hotel rooms. At the foot of her bed sat Christopher King. He was a young man, in his thirties at the latest. He had short dirty blonde hair that reached only to the tip of his ears. His face was solid. He wore a faded pink dress shirt, the sleeves rolled to his elbows, tucked into black dress pants. His hole composure seemed to shine etiquette; he seemed perfectly normal. The only thing that was off about King was the axe he was resting his chin on. Noticing that Madison was starting to wake up, he stood and walked to the side of the bed. "You're finally awake, Madison. Or Salem, is it? Which would you prefer?" the way he spoke to Madison was new. He sounded...interested., "I swear to fuck, you piece of shit I'm going to..." he interrupted her. "You're going to what? Slaughter mill? Behead me? Not to be rude, my dear, but that sounds awfully difficult in your position. I'm not one to be the bearer of bad news, usually, but you might want to look at your surroundings," he rose his arms and spun around, like he was showing off a masterpiece, "you're in my zone. This was my hunt, Madison. Not yours. I knew you were coming for me. I planned on you coming here. I knew our fates would cross, the had to." Madison fought the ropes, trying her hardest to break free. "What the fuck. How? Who even are you?!" a loud, playful laugh came from Christopher. "Wouldn't you love to know. I'll try to start this simply for you. I was normal, when I was younger. I had a loving father, a bitch of a mother, and a fucking monster of a brother. I was left alone to fend for myself after he decided to murder my parents right in front of me..." now it was Madison's turn to interrupt. "So how is any of this my fault? I didn't do a single thing to you, asshole!" anger began to rise in her body. "No, none of this is directly your fault. However, I do need you to be a messenger for me. See...King is just a mask for me. It's my own personal creation, if I dare say. My brother...his was slightly different, as you know." Every word coming from Christopher was confusing Madison more and more. He was throwing her through loops, and she had no choice but to jump through them. "To put it simply, Madison Grace, my name isn't Christopher King." slowly, he walked closer to her. "Then tell me what it is, don't hide behind it. I'm obviously not going anywhere." she laughed. Even in a moment where she could die, Madison did not feel overcome by Christopher. "My name," he began, bending over Madison, his face in hers, "is Christopher Hayden. I'm Patrick's long forgotten brother."
So much more confusion crashed into Madison's body. Patrick had a brother? And he was now preparing to kill her? This was a situation neither Salem or Madison was ready to handle. "You're...Patrick has a..." the word's just would not leave her mouth. "Yes, I'm Patrick's brother. I'm the ever more sadistic brother to the legendary Pigskin. He killed my father. He slaughtered him right in front of me. He laughed while he pushed him onto a meat hook, and laughed more as he cut his face in half. Your loverboy is a monster who's been keeping a pretty dark secret, Maddie." more rage. "Don't you dare fucking call me that." that was the name only meant for Pigskin...or Patrick. Christopher laughed, raising his axe to Madison's throat. "You're a feisty one, I can see why Pat kept you alive now. You must be fun to have around. Too bad for him, that's going to have to change soon." now the axe was raised above Christopher's head. "I have a message for you to give to Patrick. Tell him his brother misses him." with those words, Christopher slammed his axe down.

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